Unleash your true leadership potential. Discover yourself as a powerful tool for communication.

Developing the essential qualities of authentic leaders

At High Impact we believe that in order to make his or her mark on the world around them, each leader must explore and discover their own truly authentic colours and qualities. When these qualities are felt by others, people can be moved to action, great adventures can begin, and great things can be achieved.

These journeys into the qualities of leadership and one’s own personal impact require a deep understanding of self and a genuine openness to others.

High Impact experiences, whether in seminars or in coaching sessions, live or in a virtual setting, are designed to enable this deep level of exploration and understanding of the facets of each individual which will generate high impact and engage others. In a nutshell: High Impact seminars provide transformational experiences which help you to make your mark.

“People will forget what you say, they will forget what you did,
but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

It's all about openness

Why High Impact Exists

High Impact exists to develop leaders with the qualities and capabilities to orientate, inspire, influence, enable and engage the world around them in a way that reduces conflict and contributes towards a more healthy outlook for the lives of future generations.

Since its’ creation in 2005 High Impact has become synonymous with powerful and transformational experiences where leaders of today and tomorrow can explore their developmental edges.
Personal impact development requires individuals to explore themselves as powerful tools for communication; to understand the perceptions they generate at critical moments.

Leadership and personal impact go hand in hand. Essential qualities that distinguish individuals as high impact leaders require deeper exploration before they can be recognized and felt by others. Developing qualities like openness, directional, fervency and humility can only happen when our minds our connected fully to our bodies, our emotions and our deepest convictions.

The High Impact Journey - a central philosophy


My conscious leadership and impact. My thoughts and ideas, my decisions and choices.


My most important tool for communication and impact. The barge that transports me across the ocean of life.
I must look after it.


The feelings that flow through me and enable lasting connections to be made with others


The source of my convictions, my deepest beliefs and values

High Impact experiences are transformational. Participants explore those qualities and behaviours which may need to be challenged if they are to get to the next level of impact and leadership. To explore these is to open the door to positive and sustainable shifts in the behaviours of  key people that enterprise relies upon to stay purposeful, effective, competitive, agile, exciting and prosperous.