High Impact Explorer

Growing the qualities of impactful people

HIGH IMPACT EXPLORER® is a BRAND NEW instrument developed by High Impact™ over a period of 10 years, to provide you with your very own rich, insightful and powerful guide to understanding, exploring and developing the essential qualities which will distinguish you as a leader of substance, able to rise to the challenges of leadership and as a High Impact individual.
The HI Explorer can provide you with a complete picture of the extent to which your natural qualities shine within you and also emanate outwardly to touch the world around you.

With the High Impact Explorer® – through my eyes – you will gain a richness of insights into yourself, how well you wear the 12 essential qualities of leadership, which behaviours support these qualities and which don’t and how to set about developing those which need attention. 
With the High Impact Explorer® – through others eyes – you will access the perceptions and the feelings you generate in those around you; how others perceive these essential qualities in you; how they are impacted by these qualities and the accompanying behaviours, those that are helpful and those that aren’t.

Never before, in the field of impact and leadership development have the 12 essential qualities been so thoroughly explored and the insights made so comprehensively available in a way that is measured and tailored to you as an individual. You will be amazed.

High Impact Compass

At the heart of the High Impact Explorer you will discover the High Impact Compass. This the central concept which will structure your exploratory journey into the world of High Impact and leadership. The compass is the fruit of many years of research and based on the premise that “impact” can be broken down into a series of 12 ingredients or qualities which you already possess to varying degrees. Each ingredient can be worked on in isolation and developed to create a distinct and authentic result.