Conference Speaker Preparation

Developing High Impact Speakers

High Impact coaches work through a process of observation, feedback and coaching to improve the impact of speakers and their presentations at critical formal moments of communication (events, conferences, kick off meetings, annual gatherings etc.). High Impact’s reputation in this field is firmly established, unsurprisingly really since it has been a HI heartland since 2005. 

We have clear frameworks and principles. Feedback is laser-like, direct, to the point and sensitively given.  Speakers receive clear guidance and feedback on the factors that really make a difference to their impact for a given event and setting.

Reassuringly impactful

High Impact coaches work with the speakers at any point in the end-to-end process of impactful communication. From presentation construction, script-writing or script editing, to rehearsals and impactful delivery.

We provide this support for 1 or 101 speakers to ensure your communication at important events remains firmly present with the audiences long after the event has finished.