A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.

Developing High Impact Teams

There are many reasons why a team may not have found it’s optimal route to high impact and usually (although not always) somewhere at the heart of it will be trust

High Impact’s relentless quest to develop the critical qualities of leadership such as openness, humility, fervency and self confidence plays a big part in helping teams get beyond their blockers and unlocking the full potential of teams at management and leadership level.  We create powerful and  unforgettable shared experiences which are critical to establishing deep trust amongst team members and enabling the deeper purpose to emerge.


Shared experiences that transform

Through careful attention at the diagnostic phase and then creation of powerful shared experiences  using High Impact techniques, leadership teams get to the heart of what is holding them back, then move forwards with renewed energy and sense of purpose towards higher levels of performance.

The experiences are powerful, personal and transformational. Teams are able to: 

  • Live through shared experiences that go way beyond operational duties.
  • Open up areas which may have been taboo and be comfortable working in a more emotionally connected way.
  • Share and exchange around experiences and challenges associated with the team.
  • Explore and experiment with different ways to develop as a team.

HI experiences also allow team members to get beyond their functional remits and siloed areas of expertise so they can consider their own contributions as both leaders and members of the leadership team. Ultimately members emerge re-energized and clear on wider role they have to play and where fulfilment lies for them, their team and the wider Organization.