Developing High Impact Leaders

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Real Impact on real business lives

Stirring the Leader Within

About this leadership development experience

A truly transformational, exploratory journey designed to unleash the full potential of participants and ensure their positive impact in their real business worlds.

Certain qualities define leaders. When stirred, these qualities emanate outwards from the leader to touch others. They determine whether or not that individual will be entrusted to lead and be followed. They determine also how he or she engages with key leadership practices as visionaries and direction setters, facilitators and enablers, decision makers and change drivers.


A comprehensive, fully bespoke, modular journey for groups or teams where the individual is placed firmly at the centre of the exploration. Designed for your unique culture, specific populations and their context; with multiple touchpoints diverse exploratory and blended learning approaches. Virtually and / or live. 


Talent groups, leadership teams, and managers transitioning to true leadership roles.

Fervent leaders who connect more deeply

High Impact Emotional Leadership

About this experience

HI experiences are not passive, purely intellectual affairs, because neither is leadership. There is always an edge to a High Impact experience, just like there should be an edge to your leaders. This experience explores those edges by deep diving into how to connect and touch others at an emotional level as a leader, beyond the intellectual, in such a way as to generate engaged followers who are willing to go the extra mile.


An intense and involved journey for smaller groups where the heart of the individual is at the heart of the journey.  Multiple day exploration which can de conducted live or virtually (surprisingly).


Leaders and managers seeking to lead through others and explore their ability to connect deeply.

Customized programmes for real business impact

High Impact Leadership - targeted learning journeys

About these tailored experiences

These programmes draw upon the wealth of experience of our consultants and coaches to build highly bespoke learning experiences for our clients to address specific business leadership needs such as:

  • Change leadership
  • Transitioning from Manager to Leader:
  • Visionary Leadership Development:
  • Developing new leadership / managerial cultures
  • Improving Engagement
  • Developing HI Leadership Teams:
  • Instilling High Impact behaviours & capabilities


Live or virtually instructor-led seminars entirely designed from scratch


Individuals or groups with leadership responsibilities.