High Impact Inspirations

Keeping momentum going.

One of the challenges facing all learning and development professionals is how to keep learning fresh and permanently embedded in concrete behaviours and practices back in the workplace without reverting back to unhelpful behaviours.

High Impact experiences leave long lasting legacies, so that’s a good start. Yet for our participants, experiences do not stop when a seminar or coaching programme comes to an end. We place great emphasis on keeping momentum going via:

– HI Enrichment Days (for populations who have already experienced HI programmes.

– HI Coaching for Teams or Individuals

– High Impact Inspirations: a series of relevant and up-to-date articles, creative inputs, webinars, audio clips which encourage participants to stay connected and reflect on their impact and leadership journeys. They are freshly created and written by the High Impact team as part of our own continued research into subjects and for our own personal development. They are sent on a monthly basis for 1 year.

If you would like to receive a sample High Impact Inspiration please contact us.